Open Source Arduino SafeCracker

A colleague and I have been working on building a cheap open source safecracking device based on arduino and 3D printed parts. We are getting close to turning the PoC device into a reuseable device and will soon be releasing the code and 3D designs. Stay tuned for more...


Quick and cheap discone antenna

I've started messing around with software defined radio which has been on my todo list for far too long. I managed to borrow a DVB-T dongle that utilises the realtek 2832U chipset and has a fairly wide frequency range. I loaded up gqrx and had a poke around the airwaves to see what I could find.

dongle_1 dongle_2

The antenna that comes with the device is small and works ok if you have a strong signal, but I live in a ditch on the side of a mountain and decided that I wanted something better. I had a quick look around at antenna types and decided to knock up a quick discone antenna that would allow me to utilise the full frequency range of the chipset as opposed to opting for something with higher gain for specific frequencies. Using VE3SQB's discone antenna designer I figured out that the lowest frequency I would want to tune for would be the airband starting at 108Mhz. This is so I could listen to the local CTAF's and towers in the area and practice my flying sequences on a flight simulator with realtime radio traffic.


The antenna was constructed using a roll of 2.5mm tie wire, some mudflap washers, solid core breadboard wire, nylon spacers, and a nylon nut and bolt. I also picked up an MCX to N-type pigtail to plug the antenna into the DVB-T dongle.


After finishing off the build and soldering the coax cable on, I tested the antenna out by using multimon-ng. I had previously been trying to decode POCSAG signals but they were mostly corrupt due to bad signal based on location and the strength of the tiny antenna. Multimon started decoding traffic with no corrupt messages, happy days.

Shift to jekyll

I have now shifted the site to jekyll which should make updating content a little more fun. This now means i have to finish all of my projects and get some content up here. Maybe come back and visit sometime and you can see some of the interesting things i've been working on.

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21LTR scene one liveCD

Scene One is a pentesting scenario liveCD made for a bit of fun and learning. For further instructions check this out.

Mirror: Hosted at VulnHub

Torrent: Hosted at VulnHub